Katz-Loo cat

Why Katz-Loo?

The simple answer is: because cats love it!

  • It’s purr-fectly natural: Hold on to your catnip – this lovely litter is completely free of toxins, chemicals and additives! It is made from 100% pure, premium-grade Australian sodium bentonite clay and is 100% natural.
  • It’s smell-tastic: Katz-Loo is super absorbent, naturally inhibits bacterial growth and has odour-control capabilities that are so paw-some, they’ll keep your cat's litter tray fresher for longer. It’s also unscented, making it perfect for sensitive cat noses.
  • It’s ultra-scoopable: The exceptional clumping ability of this litter means scooping has never been easier. It’s litter-ally so easy to clean so you can spend more time playing with your fur-ball!
  • It’s texture is claw-some: The earth-like texture of Katz-Loo Natural Clumping Cat Litter will satisfy your furry friend’s natural pawing and scratching instincts.
  • It purrfect for self-cleaning boxes: Countless customers have fallen in love with using Katz-Loo in their automatic litter machines. The granule sizes is ideal in forming perfect clumps that are easy for any of the various mechanisms to clean automatically.
  • It’s safe and long lasting: A 100% additive free formula makes it safe to use, plus it’s low tracking, low dust and super long lasting - perfect for both traditional litter trays and self-cleaning litter boxes.
  • Ordering and shipping is effortless: Simply order online and litter is delivered to your door fast, wherever you are in Australia.
  • 60-day Moneyback guarantee: It’s the best value-for-money litter in Australia and comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • It’s Australian owned and made

Okay okay, so cats won’t give a crap (pun intended) about some of these things… but you will! Katz-Loo is Australia’s most economical cat litter for traditional litter trays and self-cleaning litter boxes.

Set up Auto Delivery now, and the more litter you buy in one transaction, the more you save with Buy More Save More.

How to use Katz-Loo?

Using Katz-Loo Natural Clumping Cat Litter is as easy as Fill - Scoop - Refresh - Repeat!

Katz-Loo litter bag icon


Fill a clean and dry litter tray with Katz-Loo to a depth of at least 7cm to 10cm. It may seem like you’re using more litter than you’re used to, but deep litter ensures clumps will form before any liquid reaches the bottom. This means super scoopable and fresher litter for longer, but best of all, more time before you need to refresh the whole tray which saves you lots of litter in the long run.

The large footprint & high edges of the Katz-Tray Premium Cat Litter Tray effectively minimise litter tracking and make it suitable for use by multiple cats.

Katz-Loo litter scoop icon


Remove waste daily using a coarse sieve scoop which allows clean litter to fall through without shaking the scoop, leaving a clump ready for disposal. The result is fresher litter for longer!

The Katz-Scoop Premium Cat Litter Scoop is jumbo-sized, lightweight and designed to make cleaning quick, safe and easy!

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Top up your litter tray with fresh Katz-Loo Natural Clumping Cat Litter as needed to maintain depth. Sufficient litter depth will prevent adhesion to the bottom of the tray and minimises wasting clean litter. At the same time, odour absorption is maximised while preventing bacteria growth.

Refresh and replace all litter every 3 to 4 weeks or as needed, depending on how frequently your cat uses the litter tray.


The Katz-Loo website makes ordering fresh litter quick and effortless, with fast Australia wide shipping direct to your door.

Even better, set up Auto Delivery to never forget to place your litter order ever again! You choose the frequency and the Katz-Loo team will make sure your litter shows up at your door on time, every time.

How to easily dispose of Katz-Loo?

It is best to discard used litter with household waste in your general waste bin. Alternatively, you can dig small amounts into your garden to condition the soil, but make sure to keep it away from any edible plants.

Never discard used litter in the toilet or down drains.

How to transition your cat to Katz-Loo?

When making up a fresh litter tray, mix in about a quarter of Katz-Loo Natural Clumping Cat Litter with your old litter. Every time you refresh the litter tray, increase the amount of new litter until you no longer need any old litter. Should your cat stop using the litter tray, go back to mixing in a smaller amount of new litter and wait longer before the next increase.

How to use litter robots with Katz-Loo?

Katz-Loo is purrfect for self-cleaning boxes. The unique combination of granule sizes is ideal for forming perfect clumps that are easy for any of the various mechanisms to clean automatically. To get the best results, make sure to maintain the maximum possible litter depth in your robot so that any liquid does not reach the liner. If in any doubt, please check with the manufacturer of your litter robot.

How does Buy More Save More work?

Simple! The more litter you buy in one transaction, the more you save!
In a nutshell, it looks like this:

  • 20kg – 40kg (2 – 4 bags) : Full price, so $16.40 per bag
  • 60kg – 80kg (6 – 8 bags) : Over 23% off, so $12.50 per bag
  • 100kg – 180kg (10 – 18 bags) : Over 39% off, so $9.90 per bag
  • 200kg + (20 bags or more) : Over 42% off, so $9.45 per bag

Shipping costs are in addition to the cost of litter.