Katz-Loo cat being patted


What is Katz-Loo Natural Clumping Cat Litter made from?

Nothing but premium grade, sun dried Australian sodium bentonite clay. It is naturally anti-bacterial and there are no added fragrances, chemicals or other nasties. Katz-Loo is 100% natural, Australian made & Australian owned. Click here to learn more about Katz-Loo.

How long does Katz-Loo Natural Clumping Cat Litter last?

That is an excellent question!

Short answer: For one average indoor cat, a properly set up and well looked after litter tray should last a good month to 6 weeks before kitty wants a refresh.

Long answer: There are many variables that determine how long a fresh round of litter will last. The size of your cat, how particular it is about its litter tray, its diet and if it lives 100% indoors (or not) all affect the lifespan of your cat’s litter. The more important factor however is ‘how you litter’. Setting up the right litter tray and correctly looking after it with the right litter scoop can make Katz-Loo Natural Clumping Litter last up to three times longer than other cat litters. Katz-Loo does the rest – it’s powerful clumping ability and unbelievable odour control make litter duty as easy as Fill - Scoop - Refresh - Repeat!

As an example, with our indoor cats we use about one 10kg bag to prime a fresh litter tray, and about half a bag per cat per month to keep the tray topped up after cleaning.

How can I use Katz-Loo to simplify my litter life?

Fill - Scoop - Refresh - Repeat! Katz-Loo litter life really is as simple as that. Read on to make sure you get all the best tips and tricks so your hoomans are cleaning less and scratching your belly more. Click here to learn how to use Katz-Loo.

How can I transition my cat to Katz-Loo Natural Clumping Cat Litter?

Cats are notoriously picky when it comes to their litter, but 10,000 happy customers since 1996 can’t be wrong! Combine these tips and tricks with a little patience and any cat can be successfully transitioned to Katz-Loo Natural Clumping Cat Litter. Click here to learn how.

Is Katz-Loo Natural Clumping Cat Litter safe?

Absolutely! Katz-Loo Natural Clumping Cat Litter is safe and easy to use for cats at all stages of their life. It is made from 100% premium grade Australian Sodium Bentonite clay which is non-toxic, additive free, low dust and naturally prevents bacteria growth. Click here to learn more about Katz-Loo.

How do I dispose of Katz-Loo Natural Clumping Cat Litter?

Do the right thing and simply discard used litter with household waste in your general waste bin. Never discard used litter in the toilet or down drains. Click here to learn more.

How do I contact Katz-Loo Customer Support?

Have an enquiry for the Katz-Loo team? Get instant answers with Katz-Loo FAQs, start a conversation with a Katz-Loo team member online now, or say hello the old fashioned way. Click here to get in touch with Katz-Loo Customer Support.

What are the different ways I can purchase Katz-Loo?

Either make a one-time purchase or make a recurring purchase using Auto Delivery subscriptions. Regardless of how you pay you can save your transaction in your Katz-Loo Account online, or check out as a guest. Choose an Auto Delivery subscription and save money PLUS heaps of other benefits. Click here to learn more about Auto Delivery.

How does Buy More Save More work?

Simple! The more litter you buy in one transaction, the more you save! In a nutshell, it looks like this:

  • 20kg – 40kg (2 – 4 bags) : Full price, so $16.40 per bag
  • 60kg – 80kg (6 – 8 bags) : Over 23% off, so $12.50 per bag
  • 100kg – 180kg (10 – 18 bags) : Over 39% off, so $9.90 per bag
  • 200kg + (20 bags or more) : Over 42% off, so $9.45 per bag

Shipping costs are in addition to the cost of litter.

What shipping options does Katz-Loo have?

Katz-Loo offers fast flat rate shipping to most Australian metro and major regional areas for only $4.99 per parcel (not per order). Instant quotes for shipping to all other areas. Every parcel leaves the warehouse within 1-2 business days after order receipt. Click here to learn more about Katz-Loo shipping.

What fits into a parcel?

One (1) parcel is equal to:

  • 20kg of Katz-Loo Litter (2 x 10kg bags); or
  • 1 x Katz-Pack; or
  • 1 x Katz-Tray; or
  • 1 x Katz-Scoop

If your delivery postcode is within one of our 'flat rate per parcel' zones, each parcel in your order will cost $4.99 to ship.

For example, an order for 60kg of litter (6 x 10kg bags, packed up into 3 x parcels) will cost $14.97 to ship to a flat rate per parcel zone.

Is my delivery postcode in a flat rate per parcel zone?

To find out if your delivery postcode falls into one of our flat rate per parcel zones, simply type your delivery postcode into the postcode checker on any of our product pages to get an instant answer.

We regularly update and expand the included postcodes on this list, so be sure to check back if yours isn't on the list today.

How do I track my Katz-Loo order?

When your order has shipped, you will receive a confirmation email with tracking information from our delivery platform Starshipit, followed by regular delivery updates via email. Have questions? Click here to learn more about Katz-Loo Order Tracking & Shipping Enquires.

Who can I contact with my shipping or delivery enquiry?

The quickest way to resolve any enquiries relating to the shipping and delivery of your order is to contact the courier directly via the information provided in your shipping confirmation email. Please note that the team at Katz-Loo does not have access to the courier's systems to help you with any shipping and delivery related enquiries.

Can I set up automatic or recurring deliveries of Katz-Loo?

Absolutely! Auto Delivery subscriptions are automatically processed to your selected delivery schedule and the products will be delivered after each payment is processed. PLUS you save money and receive other cat-astic benefits! Click here to learn more about Auto Delivery.

How do I login and manage my Auto Delivery subscription?

You can view, modify, pause or cancel your Auto Delivery subscription by logging into your Katz-Loo Account or by following the link in you confirmation email. If you are having trouble accessing your subscription, click here and you'll receive a new link via email.

What can I do if Katz-Loo hasn’t met my expectations?

With over 10,000 happy customers since 1996, the team at Katz-Loo is so confident you’ll love our products that they are backed by a sixty (60) day money back guarantee. If however something has gone wrong and you’re not entirely happy with your purchase, please click here to learn more about Katz-Loo Returns & Exchanges.